How to Locate an LDS Distribution Center

It is quite easy to find an LDS Distribution Center that is available in many countries across the globe.  There are a good number of centers now established in many countries across Africa, Asia, Europe, Oceania, North America and South America.  If you are not sure if your area has an LDS Church Distribution Center, you can contact the central office located at 1999 W 1700 S Salt Lake City, UT 84104 USA with the contact numbers 1-800-537-5971.

                Another convenient way of searching for distribution center lds international stores is to go online.  To find the ones that are nearest your locality, see the Global Service Center Page at and you may also make inquiries and get answers about your concerns at Another very good resources to find a Bishop Storehouse or LDS home Center is at They have a lot of information about emergency preparedness, food storage, all for the LDS community.

                There are actually several LDS Distribution Center locations you can choose from, your choices will primarily vary on which one is most accessible to you or, if you need your products to be delivered, you have to check to see which one is in close proximity with either air or land shipment.  Although it is always a good option to personally select and order your food items from any LDS store, some people may not have the time it takes because of work and other outside obligations.  In such cases, your LDS Distribution Center can assist you on how to make online orders and delivery specifications through their website.

                Nevertheless, if you have the time, you can always come for a visit.  The experience will definitely be something new and worthwhile.  This is because there are certain tasks and procedures that you will be able to see and experience at an LDS Distribution Center that you may not have experienced at your local grocery and supermarket.

                For a brief overview of what you can actually see in an LDS Distribution Center, here are a few things that may convince you to go and have some interesting experiences yourself.

                An LDS Distribution Center is an adequately-sized facility that is intended for mass storage for extended periods of time.  They are clean, modernized and attended to by a number of personnel and staff who have acquired the basic skills needed for their important task.  These people possess the special skills in canning and storing foods as well as packaging for bulk deliveries.

                If you intend to store your food for long term, these people can assist you, answer your concerns and provide for you some valuable advice on how to safely and carefully store your food supplies and basic commodities in your own household.  There are Mylar bags and Oxygen absorbers available in the centers if you need to purchase more for your other food items at home.

                Finding an LDS Distribution Center is such an easy task and it is further enhanced by the positive experience that one can gain from personally coming for a visit.  The people in the center will immediately welcome and assist anyone, LDS member or not, who wants to buy food products or needs canning services done for them.

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