How the LDS Distribution Center Helps Others


      The LDS Distribution Center helps not only LDS members but also non-members in so many ways.  The LDS community heeds the call to self-reliance.  They do this by encouraging members across the globe to consistently prepare for adversity by providing for their basic needs first and foremost.  They are urged to have a steady supply of food and water that they can keep in their household storages for extended periods of time.  They are also advised to set aside money saved for future emergencies.

          Their goals and undertakings are guided by their teaching that Heavenly Father created the earth and its abundance for the use and benefit of humankind.  In all their actions, they highlight the value of providing for their needs as they journey together in faith and obedience.  This gives them inspiration to prepare for adversities by caring for themselves and for their neighbor as well.  But they are also reminded to make a careful planning for this endeavor and not to go to extremes like going into debt just to ensure that they have large food storage in their own households.

         The LDS Church Distribution Center, through any of its LDS stores located in different countries worldwide sells food items and other household products in bulk at the most affordable prices.  Members and non-members can come for a visit at LDS Distribution Center locations to purchase the goods in small and large quantities.  Members, however, can order online and avail of low shipping costs or even free delivery services if they have resided within Canada, the Caribbean and the United States.

         Distribution Center lds canneries are part of the storage facilities.  Some local canneries sell food items in bulk even to non-members.  But only LDS members can rent the canning equipment to do the food canning in their own homes.  This is because, for food safety precautions, foods not purchased from the LDS Distribution Center cannot be brought in for canning.  Members have to make an appointment if they need to borrow the canning machines for their household canning purposes.  The good thing about this is a single canning machine can be used by up to 4 people at the same time.  This means that more people can use it without necessarily making individual appointments.

          Anyone who visits an LDS Distribution Center is instantly welcomed and assisted by the staff and volunteers.  This is because the community’s primary goal is to teach and inspire everyone to be self-reliant by buying food in bulk or experience the canning process themselves for the purpose of storing them for future emergency needs.

           The LDS Distribution Center sells food already canned or packaged but customers have the option to do the canning themselves inside the facility.  Now if you want to do the canning yourself, the price of the food products that you will purchase will include ceramic-lined cans, oxygen absorbers and the product labels which are all necessary for proper food storing.  An LDS Distribution Center also provides free plastic covers for a certain number of cans included in the purchase.

General Information About the LDS Distribution Centers


                For LDS members and non-members, familiarization with some general information about the LDS Distribution Centers will be helpful to make every visit to the facility a worthwhile experience.

                An LDS Church Distribution Center welcomes both LDS members and non-members to come to their storage and LDS canning facilities.  In cases where there is imminent crisis or extreme emergency and numerous people are in dire need of food items, the LDS Distribution Center may be closed to non-members.  It is then a wise move to call your local distribution center lds facility prior to your visit to know if they can accommodate you on your preferred day and time.  You can always call back and check with your LDS Distribution Center to know their availability.

                LDS members can order online or at the LDS store itself where order forms are available for anyone opting to purchase in bulk or get the other special items being sold.

                For safety reasons, children under the age of 16 are not allowed to enter the canneries.  On your visit, modesty is always encouraged in the clothes that you will wear.  The best option is to wear a comfortable shirt and jeans and a suitable pair of shoes.

                For payment preferences, you need to also check with your local LDS Distribution Center for payment options that are acceptable to them.  In some LDS Distribution Center locations, members can either pay in cash or checks; non-members on the other hand are requested to make cash payments only.

                In the canning facilities, aprons and hairnets are available to be worn by everyone coming for a visit or purchase.  Hand gloves are also provided especially for those who will make the canning process themselves.  The staff and volunteers in the LDS Distribution Center are readily available to assist you in the canning process and teach you how to properly store the food items you need inside the cans.  If there’s a need to, you will also be assisted in operating the dry pack canner.  This is important because canning processes vary with particular food items.

                After undergoing the canning process, oxygen absorbers will be placed in the cans before putting the lid on.  After which, the cans will be properly sealed.  It is good to remember to put on the provided food labels on the cans even before they are sealed.  This prevents confusion and errors with some food products that should not be stored with oxygen absorbers like sugar.

                The LDS Distribution Center provides two plastic lids and one box for every 6 cans you purchase.  This is included in the whole price package.  The 6 cans do not have to contain the same items because you get the box even if you have varying items inside.  Just see to it that the cans are properly labeled.

                Before checking out and after you are done getting the items that you need, a staff will go over the order form that you initially filled up to see if you have completed all the items you need to get.  After which, payments will be made and a receipt will be issued.

Best LDS Supplies From The LDS Distribution Center


The complete list of the best supplies from the LDS Distribution Center can be found on the official LDS website This is the LDS store where you can order all the materials, products and supplies of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Members from various regions across the globe can visit the site and check out the items featured for their distinct needs.

Product availability, prices and shipping costs may vary from LDS Distribution Center locations in different regions. Additional costs for shipping may be applied for product shipments outside of the United States. However, shipping is free for residents of Canada, the Caribbean and the United States.

The distribution center lds store offers materials for Gospel study, home and family, church service, art, media and music. There are also items for special needs such as temple clothing and appropriate garments for different occasions. Magazine subscriptions are also available at the LDS Church Distribution Center particularly intended for every age group in the community.

The materials for Gospel study and instruction that is available at the LDS Distribution Center includes the Sacred Scriptures, the current curriculum, general conference, magazines, missionary resources and study aids. Books and reading materials for home and family are available with specific themes designed for the children and youth, family history, strengthening families and self-reliance.

For those called on a mission to serve the church, the LDS Distribution Center provides materials and resources for services intended toward specific groups and geared toward distinct themes. These materials include Melchizedek Priesthood, Relief Society, Sunday school, resources for young men and women and for committees and specialists. Those related to art, media and music include CDs and DVDs, hymn books and songbooks, Mormon Tabernacle choir resource material, Fine art and pictures.

The LDS Distribution Center also sells temple clothing and garments for special occasions. These include Baptismal and Wedding garments and white clothing for particular occasions. Proper accessories for these clothing are also available.

Magazine subscriptions for different age and international groups include the “Liahona Magazine”, which is the magazine intended for international subscribers. There is also a magazine for the children of the church called “Friend Magazine.” The youth members of the church can get great resource materials from the “New Era Magazine” while the adult members can avail of great reading from “Ensign Magazine.” The magazines for children, youth and adult are available in English language.

There are also subscriptions available in CDs and DVDs that contain details and events in general conferences. These also include choir music during the conferences. Special materials and resources for the military and persons with disabilities are also featured in the official LDS website.

The LDS Distribution Center does not only provide these listed materials and resources for the community members. The center primarily produces and dispenses food products and items that are suitable for storage and are intended for future and long-term consumption. Food products that are properly canned and packaged are sold and can be purchased in bulk. They can either be bought from the center itself or shipped to community households.

What is the LDS Distribution Center?


                The LDS Distribution Center is the authorized and official store of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  The LDS Church Distribution Center has a chain of stores at different locations and they are also available online.  If you are not anywhere near a local store, you can find them online, where handling and shipping is free in some areas like Canada, the Caribbean and the United States.

The center sells items that are low-priced and some items are given for free.  You can find a lot of things in a distribution center lds store.  The items range from food supplies, clothing and special garments, books and other household items.  Other items such are memorabilia, CDs, games, movies and even paintings are available too.  Basically, the LDS store products are intended for LDS members only, but there are also items and products that are made accessible for the non-members.

The best thing about the LDS Distribution Center is that you are able to purchase food items in large quantities at any LDS Distribution Center locations.  LDS members and non-members can avail of this.  If you are an LDS member, you can order online.  You simply need to log in at their website which is and you can already shop with all the convenience in the comfort of your own home.  If in case you do not have an account yet, you can create one for free.

The LDS Distribution Center is able to sell low-priced food items because most of these products are manufactured in the LDS community.  Since the community has grown continuously over the years, they already have tracts of land primarily used for agricultural purposes.  The produce from these fields are then taken to canneries, which are also owned by the church community.  From the LDS canneries, the canned and packaged products are distributed to each LDS Distribution Center in different locations.  Some of the products are also sent to bishop’s storehouses.

The LDS Distribution Center is the best option if you are thinking of stocking up food items especially for emergency purposes.  There are plenty of food supplies that are available, among them are pasta, grains and foods that you only need to heat for consumption.  Foods canned and packaged in the center have a long shelf life.  The foods placed in cans lasts for as long as 40 years and even more because the packaging methods and procedures they practice are intended for future consumption and especially for emergency preparedness.

Buying food products and other items from the center will be advantageous for those of us who are looking for affordable prices, long shelf life of foods, and 24-hour availability in various locations around the world.  LDS members and non-members located in Canada, the Caribbean and the United States can even enjoy cheaper and, in some cases, free costs of shipping and delivery.

It pays to have a visit at an LDS center near you to see for yourself the benefits you can gain from purchasing in this great community.

How to Find an LDS Distribution Center Near Me


To find an LDS Distribution Center near you, simply call the Global Service Center (GSC) on the toll free numbers 0011-800-8680-5650 which is for international calls. Calling this number can address your inquiries on specific LDS Distribution Center locations at different regions worldwide.  Once you get the exact distribution center lds location that is most accessible to you, paying a visit can be a really unique experience especially for those who are new in the community, whether you intend to make a purchase or simply want to check out the products and items being offered.

In an LDS Church Distribution Center, you do not only enjoy affordable prices and unique offers, you also learn the values of self-reliance and self-sufficiency.  This is made possible by the staff and volunteers who are more than willing to assist you and teach you the principles and best practices for proper food production, preservation and storage and other ways of proper food handling.

The LDS Distribution Center near you is the best place that can provide you with the best food processing, canning and storage solutions for future emergencies.  It is the place where you will find a sufficiently-sized facility which is capable of handling and storing commodities in bulk.  The facility can also accommodate customers’ orders and delivery needs at any given day while carrying out every transaction in an orderly manner to make every customer experience worthwhile.

An LDS store is also staffed by dedicated and experienced personnel and volunteers who work together as a team to focus on the community’s vision of teaching its members the various ways of effectively preparing their own households and community for future emergencies and unforeseen crisis.  The LDS Distribution Center that is most accessible to you does not only prioritize on the business of selling goods and other items; your center envisions a community that is fully aware of the uncertain future of humanity but is confidently prepared and united enough to face any eventuality and challenges that may come.

Your LDS Distribution Center adheres to proper storage techniques and processes to ensure that the shelf life of your food products can last for many years.  It does not end there though.  The proper food storage procedures only began at the center; it shall be followed through on the individual households as soon as the goods are purchased, either in bulk or in small quantities.

The LDS Distribution Center gives some instructions on the significance of proper storage and the factors that can affect the storage life of food products.  First, food products should be stored at normal or lower temperatures which are around 75 degrees Fahrenheit or 24 degrees Celsius.That includes protecting your food products from direct light.  Second, storage areas should be kept dry and containers that should be used are those that allow air circulation.  Third, but equally important to remember is that storage areas should be protected from rats and insects.  Your food pouches, packages and cans should be properly sealed and clearly labeled.

How To Contact The LDS Distribution Center


              To contact the LDS Distribution Center, you can call the main office located at 1999 West 1700 South, Salt Lake City, Utah USA with the numbers 1-801-240-1330 for local calls and 1-801-240-3865 for fax.  For LDS store and distribution services, you may call the Global Service Center (GSC) for phone orders and shipment specifications at their toll free numbers 0011-800-8680-5650.  For online orders on different LDS Distribution Center locations, you can go online at where you can find a vast selection of food products and other items that you need.

                For ordering online at an LDS Church Distribution Center, an LDS member can use his/her Church Membership Number and Date of Confirmation if he/she does not have an account on the LDS website yet.  Otherwise, an LDS member can simply login and select from the products and supplies listed on the site.  To facilitate online ordering, there are resources that are available in different languages but the prices of each product are in US dollars.

                Ordering online at any distribution center lds store is definitely easier and more convenient, but prices for shipping and delivery may vary in different regions.  Unless you are residing in the Caribbean, Canada and the United States, you need not worry about shipping costs because you can avail that for free.

                There is an LDS Distribution Center that is available in most parts of the world.  The easiest way to find the ones that are nearest your locality is to check out the detailed information on store locations and addresses listed on the LDS website.

                Ordering online is further facilitated by a good number of other websites that are available for your specific needs.  An LDS Distribution Center discount store like is accessible online.  Another one that features great deals on LDS products and services is which is great for those who are looking for big discounts.

                For books, gift items and similar needs, there are websites that offer unique ideas and special items for various purposes.  If you need LDS Planners, LDS books, art, music and jewelry, check out; is also a good place to shop for LDS gifts online.  The manufactures and sells missionary plaques that are made of high quality materials.

                For more choices on LDS books and gift items, can give you more selections while has thousands of LDS products like temple clothes, jewelry, art, and LDS books.  There are more websites that can provide you with the items and LDS products that you need.  To get a complete list of the names of these stores, their particular locations and the products that they have in store for the LDS community, check out to find an LDS store in your region.

                To help you find a wider range of LDS businesses and an LDS Distribution Center that you can contact for various purposes and product ordering, browse through their free LDS business directory at and all the information that you are looking for is just a click away.

How to Find an LDS Distribution Center?


                It is quite easy to find an LDS Distribution Center that is available in many countries across the globe.  There are a good number of centers now established in many countries across Africa, Asia, Europe, Oceania, North America and South America.  If you are not sure if your area has an LDS Church Distribution Center, you can contact the central office located at 1999 W 1700 S Salt Lake City, UT 84104 USA with the contact numbers 1-800-537-5971.

                Another convenient way of searching for distribution center lds international stores is to go online.  To find the ones that are nearest your locality, see the Global Service Center Page at and you may also make inquiries and get answers about your concerns at Another very good resources to find a Bishop Storehouse or LDS home Center is at They have a lot of information about emergency preparedness, food storage, all for the LDS community.

                There are actually several LDS Distribution Center locations you can choose from, your choices will primarily vary on which one is most accessible to you or, if you need your products to be delivered, you have to check to see which one is in close proximity with either air or land shipment.  Although it is always a good option to personally select and order your food items from any LDS store, some people may not have the time it takes because of work and other outside obligations.  In such cases, your LDS Distribution Center can assist you on how to make online orders and delivery specifications through their website.

                Nevertheless, if you have the time, you can always come for a visit.  The experience will definitely be something new and worthwhile.  This is because there are certain tasks and procedures that you will be able to see and experience at an LDS Distribution Center that you may not have experienced at your local grocery and supermarket.

                For a brief overview of what you can actually see in an LDS Distribution Center, here are a few things that may convince you to go and have some interesting experiences yourself.

                An LDS Distribution Center is an adequately-sized facility that is intended for mass storage for extended periods of time.  They are clean, modernized and attended to by a number of personnel and staff who have acquired the basic skills needed for their important task.  These people possess the special skills in canning and storing foods as well as packaging for bulk deliveries.

                If you intend to store your food for long term, these people can assist you, answer your concerns and provide for you some valuable advice on how to safely and carefully store your food supplies and basic commodities in your own household.  There are Mylar bags and Oxygen absorbers available in the centers if you need to purchase more for your other food items at home.

                Finding an LDS Distribution Center is such an easy task and it is further enhanced by the positive experience that one can gain from personally coming for a visit.  The people in the center will immediately welcome and assist anyone, LDS member or not, who wants to buy food products or needs canning services done for them.

Where are the LDS Distribution Center Locations?


                In most geographical locations across the globe, there is an LDS Distribution Center that can be easily accessed to by LDS members and non-members.  These centers sell food products and household supplies that can be purchased in bulk at the most affordable prices.

In Asia, LDS Distribution Center locations are available in Cambodia, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Mongolia, Philippines and Taiwan.  African nations namely, the Nigeria, Mozambique, Madagascar, Liberia, Kenya, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Ethiopia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Sierra Leone, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Tanzania and South Africa have a distribution center lds store in strategic places where consumers can purchase the goods that they need or order online for an appointed shipment schedule.

An LDS Church Distribution Center is also made available for most European countries which include Denmark, Finland, French Polynesia (Tahiti), Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine and United Kingdom.  As in many other countries, the products coming from an LDS Distribution Center are distributed to every LDS store around the area so that the consumers can be provided with the items they need for future or immediate consumption.

LDS members and non-members who live in countries in Oceania like Australia, Fiji, Guam, Kiribati, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Samoa and Tonga can also avail of the food supplies provided by their local LDS Distribution Center.  Foods coming from these centers are likewise specially canned and packaged for long shelf life and can be bought at prices that can be afforded even by lower income consumers.

Since the LDS community is continuously expanding and gaining membership across the globe, the list of countries that benefit from the fruits of their labor also continues to increase.  Countries in North America particularly Costa Rica, Belize, Nicaragua, Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador and Panama including Canada and the United States, where shipping is free, can also be aided by the products and services available in an LDS Distribution Center situated in their area.

And finally, countries in South America namely, Ecuador, Colombia, Chile, Brazil, Bolivia, Argentina, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela have an LDS Distribution Center strategically located in their areas too.

In order to serve their consumer needs in the most efficient way, every distribution center is established and run in the most up-to-date and modern methods that are necessary to ensure that consumers are able to get the best products for all their necessities.  They primarily build storage facilities that have sufficient space for numerous products and can accommodate them in large quantities.

The centers are also staffed by well-trained and dedicated people from their community who use their extraordinary skills to diligently manage and tend to the specific canning and processing requirements of each product.  And of course, food grade storage and refrigeration facilities take center stage in the centers’ food manufacturing industry.  As every food product is geared towards distribution to people who intend to store these foods in their own households, they take every necessary measure to come up with the most excellent goods and products that satisfy every consumer’s distinct need.

For a complete list of LDS Distribution Centers, visit

Why the LDS Distribution Center is Important?


              The LDS Distribution Center is important mainly because it serves as the origin and source of all the LDS products that are distributed to a chain of LDS stores.  The center is a structure and building that have the capacity to store food and merchandise for future allocation as needed to various locations and destinations.  An LDS store is where LDS members and non-members can purchase the items either in bulk or in small quantities.

An LDS Distribution Center may also be called as a fulfillment center, a warehouse or a package handling center.  As described by its many names, a distribution center’s main function is to ship food products and other items to various locations and geographic areas which a center particularly serves.  As in many cases, a distribution center may operate on either retail distribution to distribution center lds affiliate stores or directly to individual consumers.

An LDS Church Distribution Center can properly store products because it is a specialized building that is built with air conditioning and refrigeration facilities that are necessary for storing food in special packages and containers.  This ensures that food items and other goods are distributed to separate locations in perfect condition for the consumers.

The primary importance of an LDS Distribution Center lies in the advantages it provides for the consumers – LDS members and non-members alike.  The buyers are able to see what they need and they are able to get the products whenever they need it at affordable prices and in locations most accessible to them.  This process of distribution is a good example of an efficient distribution channeling.  It paves the way for more jobs, more philanthropic opportunities and even property tax revenue.

An LDS Distribution Center can achieve its intended purpose most effectively if it embodies the best features that add value and complement its whole package.  The first feature is that a distribution center needs to have a wide storage space.  This enables the center to preserve products and goods of sizable quantities and allows more room for a center’s future expansion and growth.

LDS Distribution Center locations should be in proximity with the different modes of shipment and delivery facilities whether it is by air shipment, railway or highway.  This facilitates fast deliveries especially for urgent needs.  An LDS Distribution Center should have reliable and dedicated workforce and volunteers.  This ensures that everyone works toward the same goal and all actions are focused on the same direction.  If people work this way, every task is accomplished as planned and everything runs in perfect order.

Finally, a center has to put primary importance on its storage facilities.  Since it mostly stores food for consumption, the facility has to have a storage system that is temperature controlled and meets established and standard regulations for the handling of food items.  This guarantees and safeguards excellent product quality, that reaches its intended consumers in perfect state.  If food products will be stored in individual households for long periods of time, all these precautions will have to be given top priority.


Where to Get LDS Supplies?


                LDS supplies and materials can be ordered and purchased directly from any LDS Distribution Center locations or any LDS store that is most accessible to the area or district you belong to.  In cases where an LDS member or non-member cannot find the nearest LDS Distribution Center within his/her locality, the best option is to go online and check out a website with a distribution center lds store that offers the needed supplies and materials.

Here are some helps in ordering online.  First you will need to login at using your LDS membership account, if you are currently a member.  You will need to fill in your Church Membership number and also the date of your confirmation as a member.  You can also secure this information from any clerk that takes charge of Ward or Branch Membership.

Upon ordering a particular material or supply, it will be easier if you know the item number of the product which is specified on their website.  Different languages are available for particular regions to facilitate the ordering process.  Prices in an LDS Distribution Center are indicated in U.S. dollars.  Shipping prices are affordable because there is an available LDS Church Distribution Center in many areas across the globe.  In some locations like Canada, the Caribbean and the United States, shipping is free.

There is also an LDS Distribution Center available for your specific needs.  For your food storage needs, here are some stores in separate locations where you can purchase your food supplies.  “Deals to Meals” is a grocery store that offers meal planning services for the residents of Utah.  In this store you will be able to know where to get the best deals and when they are available.  “” is a shop where you can purchase ready-to-eat meals that you can store for future emergencies.  This is also where you can get disaster supplies and disaster kits.

You can also visit an LDS Distribution Center that specializes in gardening and survival seeds called “Hometown Seeds.”  Another store named “Ready Home Store”  offers emergency, storage and shelving supplies on big discounts.  You can also check out “Tomorrows Harvest Food Storage” where you can find freeze-dried foods that can be stored for up to 25 years and still keep the nutrients and flavors intact.

For books, gift items and other supplies, an LDS Distribution Center is available for your shopping needs.  The “LDS Bookstore” sells bibles, LDS books, modest clothing, arts and accessories like rings and necklaces.  If you need LDS goods and gifts that are customizable and unique, you can check out the “DailyLDS” store.  Another store called “LDS Gift Shop” sells shirts and gifts items that are designed with the LDS slogans and themes.  Then there is the “LDS Temple Store” where you can find the most extensive collection of exclusive LDS products.

For special clothing needs, there are LDS stores that sell high quality and affordable temple dresses and unique garments for weddings, blessings and baptisms.  Among them are the “LDS Bridal and Temple Wear” store, “Celestial Fashions” and “Dressed in White” store.