Best LDS Supplies From The LDS Distribution Center

The complete list of the best supplies from the LDS Distribution Center can be found on the official LDS website This is the LDS store where you can order all the materials, products and supplies of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Members from various regions across the globe can visit the site and check out the items featured for their distinct needs.

Product availability, prices and shipping costs may vary from LDS Distribution Center locations in different regions. Additional costs for shipping may be applied for product shipments outside of the United States. However, shipping is free for residents of Canada, the Caribbean and the United States.

The distribution center lds store offers materials for Gospel study, home and family, church service, art, media and music. There are also items for special needs such as temple clothing and appropriate garments for different occasions. Magazine subscriptions are also available at the LDS Church Distribution Center particularly intended for every age group in the community.

The materials for Gospel study and instruction that is available at the LDS Distribution Center includes the Sacred Scriptures, the current curriculum, general conference, magazines, missionary resources and study aids. Books and reading materials for home and family are available with specific themes designed for the children and youth, family history, strengthening families and self-reliance.

For those called on a mission to serve the church, the LDS Distribution Center provides materials and resources for services intended toward specific groups and geared toward distinct themes. These materials include Melchizedek Priesthood, Relief Society, Sunday school, resources for young men and women and for committees and specialists. Those related to art, media and music include CDs and DVDs, hymn books and songbooks, Mormon Tabernacle choir resource material, Fine art and pictures.img_1139

The LDS Distribution Center also sells temple clothing and garments for special occasions. These include Baptismal and Wedding garments and white clothing for particular occasions. Proper accessories for these clothing are also available.

Magazine subscriptions for different age and international groups include the “Liahona Magazine”, which is the magazine intended for international subscribers. There is also a magazine for the children of the church called “Friend Magazine.” The youth members of the church can get great resource materials from the “New Era Magazine” while the adult members can avail of great reading from “Ensign Magazine.” The magazines for children, youth and adult are available in English language.

There are also subscriptions available in CDs and DVDs that contain details and events in general conferences. These also include choir music during the conferences. Special materials and resources for the military and persons with disabilities are also featured in the official LDS website.

The LDS Distribution Center does not only provide these listed materials and resources for the community members. The center primarily produces and dispenses food products and items that are suitable for storage and are intended for future and long-term consumption. Food products that are properly canned and packaged are sold and can be purchased in bulk. They can either be bought from the center itself or shipped to community households.

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