General Information About the LDS Distribution Centers

For LDS members and non-members, familiarization with some general information about the LDS Distribution Centers will be helpful to make every visit to the facility a worthwhile experience.

                An LDS Church Distribution Center welcomes both LDS members and non-members to come to their storage and LDS canning facilities.  In cases where there is imminent crisis or extreme emergency and numerous people are in dire need of food items, the LDS Distribution Center may be closed to non-members.  It is then a wise move to call your local distribution center lds facility prior to your visit to know if they can accommodate you on your preferred day and time.  You can always call back and check with your LDS Distribution Center to know their availability.

                LDS members can order online or at the LDS store itself where order forms are available for anyone opting to purchase in bulk or get the other special items being sold.

                For safety reasons, children under the age of 16 are not allowed to enter the canneries.  On your visit, modesty is always encouraged in the clothes that you will wear.  The best option is to wear a comfortable shirt and jeans and a suitable pair of shoes.

                For payment preferences, you need to also check with your local LDS Distribution Center for payment options that are acceptable to them.  In some LDS Distribution Center locations, members can either pay in cash or checks; non-members on the other hand are requested to make cash payments only.

                In the canning facilities, aprons and hairnets are available to be worn by everyone coming for a visit or purchase.  Hand gloves are also provided especially for those who will make the canning process themselves.  The staff and volunteers in the LDS Distribution Center are readily available to assist you in the canning process and teach you how to properly store the food items you need inside the cans.  If there’s a need to, you will also be assisted in operating the dry pack canner.  This is important because canning processes vary with particular food items.

                After undergoing the canning process, oxygen absorbers will be placed in the cans before putting the lid on.  After which, the cans will be properly sealed.  It is good to remember to put on the provided food labels on the cans even before they are sealed.  This prevents confusion and errors with some food products that should not be stored with oxygen absorbers like sugar.

                The LDS Distribution Center provides two plastic lids and one box for every 6 cans you purchase.  This is included in the whole price package.  The 6 cans do not have to contain the same items because you get the box even if you have varying items inside.  Just see to it that the cans are properly labeled.

                Before checking out and after you are done getting the items that you need, a staff will go over the order form that you initially filled up to see if you have completed all the items you need to get.  After which, payments will be made and a receipt will be issued.

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