How the LDS Distribution Center Helps Others

 The LDS Distribution Center helps not only LDS members but also non-members in so many ways.  The LDS community heeds the call to self-reliance.  They do this by encouraging members across the globe to consistently prepare for adversity by providing for their basic needs first and foremost.  They are urged to have a steady supply of food and water that they can keep in their household storages for extended periods of time.  They are also advised to set aside money saved for future emergencies.

          Their goals and undertakings are guided by their teaching that Heavenly Father created the earth and its abundance for the use and benefit of humankind.  In all their actions, they highlight the value of providing for their needs as they journey together in faith and obedience.  This gives them inspiration to prepare for adversities by caring for themselves and for their neighbor as well.  But they are also reminded to make a careful planning for this endeavor and not to go to extremes like going into debt just to ensure that they have large food storage in their own households.

         The LDS Church Distribution Center, through any of its LDS stores located in different countries worldwide sells food items and other household products in bulk at the most affordable prices.  Members and non-members can come for a visit at LDS Distribution Center locations to purchase the goods in small and large quantities.  Members, however, can order online and avail of low shipping costs or even free delivery services if they have resided within Canada, the Caribbean and the United States.

         Distribution Center lds canneries are part of the storage facilities.  Some local canneries sell food items in bulk even to non-members.  But only LDS members can rent the canning equipment to do the food canning in their own homes.  This is because, for food safety precautions, foods not purchased from the LDS Distribution Center cannot be brought in for canning.  Members have to make an appointment if they need to borrow the canning machines for their household canning purposes.  The good thing about this is a single canning machine can be used by up to 4 people at the same time.  This means that more people can use it without necessarily making individual appointments.

          Anyone who visits an LDS Distribution Center is instantly welcomed and assisted by the staff and volunteers.  This is because the community’s primary goal is to teach and inspire everyone to be self-reliant by buying food in bulk or experience the canning process themselves for the purpose of storing them for future emergency needs.

           The LDS Distribution Center sells food already canned or packaged but customers have the option to do the canning themselves inside the facility.  Now if you want to do the canning yourself, the price of the food products that you will purchase will include ceramic-lined cans, oxygen absorbers and the product labels which are all necessary for proper food storing.  An LDS Distribution Center also provides free plastic covers for a certain number of cans included in the purchase.

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