How to Find an LDS Distribution Center Near Me

To find an LDS Distribution Center near you, simply call the Global Service Center (GSC) on the toll free numbers 0011-800-8680-5650 which is for international calls. Calling this number can address your inquiries on specific LDS Distribution Center locations at different regions worldwide.  Once you get the exact distribution center lds location that is most accessible to you, paying a visit can be a really unique experience especially for those who are new in the community, whether you intend to make a purchase or simply want to check out the products and items being offered.

In an LDS Church Distribution Center, you do not only enjoy affordable prices and unique offers, you also learn the values of self-reliance and self-sufficiency.  This is made possible by the staff and volunteers who are more than willing to assist you and teach you the principles and best practices for proper food production, preservation and storage and other ways of proper food handling.

The LDS Distribution Center near you is the best place that can provide you with the best food processing, canning and storage solutions for future emergencies.  It is the place where you will find a sufficiently-sized facility which is capable of handling and storing commodities in bulk.  The facility can also accommodate customers’ orders and delivery needs at any given day while carrying out every transaction in an orderly manner to make every customer experience worthwhile.

An LDS store is also staffed by dedicated and experienced personnel and volunteers who work together as a team to focus on the community’s vision of teaching its members the various ways of effectively preparing their own households and community for future emergencies and unforeseen crisis.  The LDS Distribution Center that is most accessible to you does not only prioritize on the business of selling goods and other items; your center envisions a community that is fully aware of the uncertain future of humanity but is confidently prepared and united enough to face any eventuality and challenges that may come.

Your LDS Distribution Center adheres to proper storage techniques and processes to ensure that the shelf life of your food products can last for many years.  It does not end there though.  The proper food storage procedures only began at the center; it shall be followed through on the individual households as soon as the goods are purchased, either in bulk or in small quantities.lds4

The LDS Distribution Center gives some instructions on the significance of proper storage and the factors that can affect the storage life of food products.  First, food products should be stored at normal or lower temperatures which are around 75 degrees Fahrenheit or 24 degrees Celsius.That includes protecting your food products from direct light.  Second, storage areas should be kept dry and containers that should be used are those that allow air circulation.  Third, but equally important to remember is that storage areas should be protected from rats and insects.  Your food pouches, packages and cans should be properly sealed and clearly labeled.

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