What is the LDS Distribution Center?

The LDS Distribution Center is the authorized and official store of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  The LDS Church Distribution Center has a chain of stores at different locations and they are also available online.  If you are not anywhere near a local store, you can find them online, where handling and shipping is free in some areas like Canada, the Caribbean and the United States.

The center sells items that are low-priced and some items are given for free.  You can find a lot of things in a distribution center lds store.  The items range from food supplies, clothing and special garments, books and other household items.  Other items such are memorabilia, CDs, games, movies and even paintings are available too.  Basically, the LDS store products are intended for LDS members only, but there are also items and products that are made accessible for the non-members.

The best thing about the LDS Distribution Center is that you are able to purchase food items in large quantities at any LDS Distribution Center locations.  LDS members and non-members can avail of this.  If you are an LDS member, you can order online.  You simply need to log in at their website which is store.lds.org and you can already shop with all the convenience in the comfort of your own home.  If in case you do not have an account yet, you can create one for free.

The LDS Distribution Center is able to sell low-priced food items because most of these products are manufactured in the LDS community.  Since the community has grown continuously over the years, they already have tracts of land primarily used for agricultural purposes.  The produce from these fields are then taken to canneries, which are also owned by the church community.  From the LDS canneries, the canned and packaged products are distributed to each LDS Distribution Center in different locations.  Some of the products are also sent to bishop’s storehouses.

The LDS Distribution Center is the best option if you are thinking of stocking up food items especially for emergency purposes.  There are plenty of food supplies that are available, among them are pasta, grains and foods that you only need to heat for consumption.  Foods canned and packaged in the center have a long shelf life.  The foods placed in cans lasts for as long as 40 years and even more because the packaging methods and procedures they practice are intended for future consumption and especially for emergency preparedness.lds5

Buying food products and other items from the center will be advantageous for those of us who are looking for affordable prices, long shelf life of foods, and 24-hour availability in various locations around the world.  LDS members and non-members located in Canada, the Caribbean and the United States can even enjoy cheaper and, in some cases, free costs of shipping and delivery.

It pays to have a visit at an LDS center near you to see for yourself the benefits you can gain from purchasing in this great community.

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