Where to Get LDS Supplies?

LDS supplies and materials can be ordered and purchased directly from any LDS Distribution Center locations or any LDS store that is most accessible to the area or district you belong to.  In cases where an LDS member or non-member cannot find the nearest LDS Distribution Center within his/her locality, the best option is to go online and check out a website with a distribution center lds store that offers the needed supplies and materials.

Here are some helps in ordering online.  First you will need to login at store.lds.org using your LDS membership account, if you are currently a member.  You will need to fill in your Church Membership number and also the date of your confirmation as a member.  You can also secure this information from any clerk that takes charge of Ward or Branch Membership.

Upon ordering a particular material or supply, it will be easier if you know the item number of the product which is specified on their website.  Different languages are available for particular regions to facilitate the ordering process.  Prices in an LDS Distribution Center are indicated in U.S. dollars.  Shipping prices are affordable because there is an available LDS Church Distribution Center in many areas across the globe.  In some locations like Canada, the Caribbean and the United States, shipping is free.

There is also an LDS Distribution Center available for your specific needs.  For your food storage needs, here are some stores in separate locations where you can purchase your food supplies.  “Deals to Meals” is a grocery store that offers meal planning services for the residents of Utah.  In this store you will be able to know where to get the best deals and when they are available.  “ldsemergencyresources.com” is a shop where you can purchase ready-to-eat meals that you can store for future emergencies.  This is also where you can get disaster supplies and disaster kits.

You can also visit an LDS Distribution Center that specializes in gardening and survival seeds called “Hometown Seeds.”  Another store named “Ready Home Store”  offers emergency, storage and shelving supplies on big discounts.  You can also check out “Tomorrows Harvest Food Storage” where you can find freeze-dried foods that can be stored for up to 25 years and still keep the nutrients and flavors intact.

For books, gift items and other supplies, an LDS Distribution Center is available for your shopping needs.  The “LDS Bookstore” sells bibles, LDS books, modest clothing, arts and accessories like rings and necklaces.  If you need LDS goods and gifts that are customizable and unique, you can check out the “DailyLDS” store.  Another store called “LDS Gift Shop” sells shirts and gifts items that are designed with the LDS slogans and themes.  Then there is the “LDS Temple Store” where you can find the most extensive collection of exclusive LDS products.lds6

For special clothing needs, there are LDS stores that sell high quality and affordable temple dresses and unique garments for weddings, blessings and baptisms.  Among them are the “LDS Bridal and Temple Wear” store, “Celestial Fashions” and “Dressed in White” store.

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